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lyrics "JAY Z - blueprint "

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Artist express:Jay-Z
Release year:2001

Uh-huh uhh, uhh, uh-uhh
Uh-huh uhh, uhh, uhh
Wooo! Wooo! Wooo! Wooo!
I am back niggas
Ha ha ha ha ha
Uh-oh, uh-oh wooo!
Ladies and gentlemen
H, to the Izzo
I wanna thank everybody out there for they purchase
I surely appreciate it, woo!
What you about to witness is my thoughts
Just my thoughts man, right or wrong
Just what I was feeling at the time, uhh
You ever felt like this, vibe with me
Walk with a nigga man, just vibe with me
Yo, gather round hustlers
Thats if you still livin
And get on down to that ol Jig rhythm
Heres a couple of jewels to help you get through your bid in prison
A ribbon in the sky, keep your head high
I, Young Vito, voice of the young people
Mouthpiece for hustlers, Im back motherfuckers
Your reign on the top was shorter than leprechauns
Yall cant fuck with Hov, what type of X yall on?
I got great lawyers for cops so dress warm
Charges dont stick to dude, hes Teflon
Im too sexy for jail like Im Right Said Fred
Im not guilty, now gimme back my bread
Mr. District Attorney, Im not sure if they told you
Im on TV everyday, where the fuck could I go to?
Plus Hov dont run, Hov stand and fight
Hov a soldier, Hov been fightin all his life so
What could you do to me? Its not new to me
Sue me? Fuck you, whats a couple dollars to me?
But you will respect me, simple as that
Or I got no problem goin back
Im representin for the seat where Rosa Parks sat
Where Malcolm X was shot, where Martin Luther was popped
So off we go, let the trumpets blow
And hold on, because the driver of the mission is a pro
The rulers back
Uhh, uh-huh uhh uhh
I am back niggas
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Turn the motherfuckin music up
The rulers back
I am back niggas
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Well, in these times, well at least to me
Theres a lot of rappers out there tryin to sound like Jay-Z
Ill help you out, heres what you do
You gonna need a wide lens cause thats a very big shoe
And you got a couple of beans and you dont have a clue?
You situation is bleek, Ima keep it real cause
Fuckin with me, you gotta drop a mil
Cause if you gonna cop somethin you gotta cop for real
Dont only talk it, walk like it
From the bricks to the booth
I could predict the future like Cleo the psychic
You cant date skee-os and wife it
And you cant sell me bullshit, we know the prices
So what your life is?
We gon roll til the wheels fall off, yall muhfuckers check the tires
Off we go, let the trumpets blow
And hold on, because the driver of that Bentley is a pro
The rulers back
Uhh, uhh
I am back niggas
Feels good! Ha
Pah, holla at me!
The rulers back
Yeah, woo!
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Now bounce, come on bounce
Uhh, woo! Woo!
Bounce, come on bounce
Uhh, uhh, yeah, yeah
Bounce, come on bounce
Uhh, yeah, just my thoughts ladies and gentlemen
Just what Im feelin at the time, you know what I mean?
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