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lyrics "Janis Joplin - Maybe "

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Artist express:Janis Joplin
Release year:1969

Woah if I could pray and I try, dear
You might come back home, home to me
Whoa, if I could ever hold your little hand
Ooh you might understand
Maybe, maybe, maybe, maybe, yeah
Maybe, maybe, maybe, maybe, maybe dear
I guess I might have done something wrong
Honey Id be glad to admit it
Ooh, come on home to me
Honey maybe, maybe, maybe, maybe yeah
Well I know that it just doesnt ever seem to matter, baby
Woah honey, when I go out or what Im trying to do
Cause you see Im still left here
And Im all alone and needing you
Please, please, please, please
Oh wont you reconsider babe
Now come on, I said come back
Wont you come back to me
Maybe dear, oh maybe, maybe, maybe
Let me help you show me how
Honey, maybe, maybe, maybe, maybe
Maybe, maybe, maybe, yeah
Maybe, maybe, maybe, yeah
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