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lyrics "Janis Joplin - Cry Baby "

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Artist express:Janis Joplin

Cry baby, cry baby, cry baby,
Honey, welcome back home.
I know she told you,
Honey I know she told you that she loved you
Much more than I did,
But all I know is that she left you,
And you swear that you just dont know why,
But you know, honey Ill always,
Ill always be around if you ever want me
Come on and cry, cry baby, cry baby, cry baby,
Oh honey, welcome back home.
Dont you know, honey,
Aint nobody ever gonna love you
The way I try to do?
Wholl take all your pain,
Honey, your heartache, too?
And if you need me, you know
That Ill always be around if you ever want me
Come on and cry, cry baby, cry baby, cry baby,
Oh daddy, like you always seem to do.
And when you walk around the world, babe,
You said youd try to look for the end of the road,
You might find out later that the roadll end in Detroit,
Honey, the roadll even end in Kathmandu.
You can go all around the world
Trying to find something to do with your life, baby,
When you only gotta do one thing well,
You only gotta do one thing well to make it in this world, babe.
You got a woman waiting for you there,
All you ever gotta do is be a good man one time to one woman
And thatll be the end of the road, babe,
I know you got more tears to share, babe,
So come on, come on, come on, come on, come on,
And cry, cry baby, cry baby, cry baby.
And if you ever feel a little lonely, dear,
I want you to come on, come on to your mama now,
And if you ever want a little love of a woman
Come on and baby baby baby babe babe baby now
Cry baby yeah.
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