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lyrics "Janet Jackson - What'll I Do"

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Artist express:Janet Jackson
Release year:1993

What'll I do for satisfaction
Honey who'll take care of me now
If you leave I can't make it
Darlin' please don't you put me down
'Cause what'll I do for satisfaction
If you take away your heart
What'll I do for satisfaction
When that funny funny feelin's gone
Oh what'll I do
I can't take no more of missin' you
I don't know just what I'm gonna do
How can I have another
You don't know just what you mean to me
What'll I do for satisfaction
If you take away, away your heart
What'll I do for satisfaction
When my nights start to getting' long
Boy I love you
Want to hold you
Your love's strong that's no lie
And I hate, I hate to put to down
But if you, If you leave me now
You won't want, want me hangin' around
"Cause What'll I do for satisfaction
When that funny feelin' gone
Oh I need you now
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