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lyrics "Jake Hill - DIE A KING (Prod. HkFfiftyOne) "

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Artist express:Jake Hill
Release year:2017

soak up the rag
spark up the the match

light up the night and I never look back

i am the hunter you are the monster
I am the entity I am the haunter

fight with no honor
fight with no honor

bring me the lake
I wont choke on the water

I am the author
you are the paper

rip you apart
leave the blood on the razor

motherfucker I am the product
of never feeling my feelings
I run up on em in the middle of
the night and I kill em
I drill a hole in the building
to fill the void I been been missing
cant tell me shit i dont listen
Im burning up with the witches

always been the same and Ill never change
drift in the waves and im swept away
catch me with the flames ima decimate
and if I rest today ill just accept my fate

this is how I
am I really here
dwell on every fear
theres no healing me hear me
show me who I was
patiently faithfully chasing the sun
drag me down
deep into the ground
seep into the weakness
gotta get the secret out
I am alone
inside my head
I cant be killed
if im already dead
heartless entity
double idenitity
look at me
look at me
see what you did to me
look at you
look at you
this is the end of you
thought I was done but bitch
this is the interlude
I would be cautious
watch where you step
i am your conscience
i am your breath
i am the sovereign
never to rest
I will break down
your will until nothing is left

I dont wanna live forever I just wanna die a king
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