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lyrics "J.I. - Blame On Me"

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Artist express:J.I the Prince of N.Y
Release year:2019

I don't like to go outside cause I can't stand the rain
I walk outside with all this pride 'cause I can't stand the pain
My eyes been open since I've seen the things you really do
Act like you know it all, but if only you really knew
I'm not gon' lie you caught me off guard 'cause I was feelin' you
So I started to move the way you move and now it's killin' you
Used to break her spine foreal
My niggas gon' ride foreal
Fuck up your jungle gym 'cause me and my niggas don't slide foreal
I look these niggas in they eyes before I sign a deal
I don't fuck with you, don't fuck with me 'cause you could die foreal
I think about the beans these niggas really tried to spill
There was no respect, it was life or death and we surviving still
You don't know how it feels so I gotta keep it real
You better watch what you say don't come out your face 'cause you can get killed
Niggas talk shit everyday 'cause they feel a way so fuck how they feel
Really it's fuck how they feel, I think it's time I keep it real
I ain't got nothin' to say, when I feel like I'm buggin', I pray
I got a new bitch and yeah we do shit, but I ain't gon' fuck her the same
Got treated like shit, she see I'm the shit, so now she gon' fuck up my name
And niggas who said I was ass to go eat her ass when I'm runnin' the game
Play with my heart like that, I ain't think it would start like that
When I open my eyes, I can't see shit 'cause I be in the dark like that
I treated you good when nobody would, I played my part like that
You fuckin' around, you gotta let me know so I don't get my heart attached
I know what you do before you do it, you ain't slick like that
I could do what you do to me to you, but I don't get like that
You did what you did for way too long 'cause you ain't shit like that
I used to make you touch your toes, and give you dick like that
These bullet holes could fuck up your clothes, you could get hit like that
I traveled this road, I been on my own, I'm taking trips like that
I puff, puff, puff and I don't pass, I'm smokin' splifs like that
I know I'm still young, but I grew up fast, I ain't no kid like that
You be on some sucker shit, you think you fuckin' slick
Hit it from the back and then I dip 'cause I can't trust no bitch
How could you change on me, gotta take it to the grave with me
I gave you a chance when I should have so put the blame on me
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