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lyrics "Iron Maiden - The Angel And The Gambler "

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Artist express:Iron Maiden
Album:Virtual XI
Release year:1998

Roll of the dice
Take a spin of the wheel
Out of your hands now
So how do you feel
But youre not gonna win
Youd better go back again
Do you feel lucky
Or do you feel scared
Take what luck brings
And be Devil may care
But youre down on your luck
What will the next day bring
Adrift on the ocean
Afloat in a daydream
Or lost in a maze
Or blind in the haze
So what does it matter
So why dont you answer
So why did you send
An angel to mend
Best make decisions
Before its too late
Take all your chances
Take hold of the reins
A roll of the dice
Ahead of the game again
Nothing to lose
But so much to gain
A little danger
It goes without saying
But what do you care
Youre gonna go in the end
Gate open to heaven
Is ready and waytnig
Or straight down to hell
Can go there as well
Ill suffer my craving
My souls not worth saving
Sowhy dont you go
Just leave well alone
Dont you think Im a savior
Dont you think I could save you
Dont you think I could save your life
Theres like a hunger
That knocks on your door
Youve had a taste of it
Still you want more
Youve made your mistakes
Wont play it the same again
You have been warned
But still you plunge in
You play high stakes
But theres nothing to win
Youve only one life
And so many things to learn
The Angel on one side
The Devil the other
Which path do you take
Decisions to make
Arrive at the crossroads
You know where youre going
And what if you wait
It may be too late
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