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lyrics "Iron Maiden - Tailgunner"

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Artist express:Iron Maiden
Release year:1990

Trace your way back 50 years
To the glow of Dresden, blood and tears
In the black above by the cruel searchlight
Men will die and men will fight, yeah|
Who shot who and who fired first?
Dripping death to whet the blood thirst
No radar lock on, skin and bone
The bomber boys are going home
Climb into the sky never wonder why, tailgunner
Youre a tailgunner
Nail that fucker kill that son.
Gonna blow your guts out with my gun
The weather forecasts good for war
Cologne and Frankfurt? Have some more|
Tail end Charlie in the boiling sky
The Enola Gay was my last try
Now that this Tailgunners gone
No more bombers (just one big bomb)
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