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lyrics "Iron Maiden- Phantom Of The Opera "

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Artist express:Iron Maiden
Release year:1980

Ive been looking so long for you now you wont get away from my grasp
Youve been living so long in hiding and hiding behind that false mask
You know, and I know that you aint got long now to last
Your looks and your feelings are just the remains of your past
standing in the wings there you wait for the curtain to fall
And knowing the terror and holding you have on us all
I know that youre gonna scratch me and maim me and maul
And you know Im helpless from your mesmerizing cat call
Keep your distance, walk away, dont take his bait
Dont you stray, dont fade away
Watch your step, hes out to get you, come what may
Dont you stray from the narrow way
Im running and hiding in my dreams, youre always there
Youre the phantom of the opera youre the devil, youre just out to scare
You damaged my mind and my soul, it just floats through the air
You haunt me, you taunt me you torture me back at your lair
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