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lyrics "Iron Maiden - No More Lies "

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Artist express:Iron Maiden
Release year:2003

Theres a darkened sky before me
Theres no time to prepare
Salvage a last horizon
But no regrets from me
Maybe Ill be back some other day
To live again just who can say
In what shape or form that I might be
Just another chance for me
A hurried time no disgrace
Instead of racing to conclusion
And wishing all my life away
No-one can stop me now
Time is up it couldnt last
But theres more things Id like to do
Im coming back to try again
Someday maybe Ill wait till then
No more lies
Theyre all sitting at my table
Talking tall and drinking wine
Their time is up just like me
But they just dont know it yet
So just a word of warning
When youre in your deepest dreams
Theres nothing you can hide from
Ive got my eye on you
The clock is fast, the hour is near
Eventful past is ever clear
My life is set, the time is here
I think Im coming home
No more lies
A hurried time, no disgrace
Instead of racing to conclusions
And wishing all your life away
No-one can stop me now
Time is up it couldnt last
But theres more things I have to do
Im coming back to try again
Dont tell me that this is the end
No more lies
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