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lyrics "Iron Maiden - Moonchild "

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Artist express:Iron Maiden
Release year:1988

Seven deadly sins
Seven ways to win
Seven holy paths to hell
And your trip begins
Seven downward slopes
Seven bloodied hopes
Seven are your burning fires
Seven your desires
I am he the born-less one
The fallen angel watching you
Babylon, the scarlet whore
Ill infiltrate your gratitude
Dont you dare to save your son
Kill him now and save the young ones
Be the mother of a birth strangled babe
Be the devils own, Lucifers my name
Moonchild hear the mandrake scream
Moonchild open the seventh seal
I count the heads of those unborn
The accursed ones Ill find them all
And if you die by your own hand
As a suicide you shall be damned
And if you try to save your soul
I will torment you, you shall not grow old
With every second and passing breath
Youll be so alone your soul will bleed to death
Moonchild hear the mandrake scream
Moonchild open the seventh seal
Moonchild youll be mine soon child
Moonchild take my hand tonight
The twins they are exhausted, seven is this night
Gemini is rising as the red lips kiss to bite
Seven angels seven demons battle for his soul
When Gabriel lies sleeping, this child was born to die
One more dies one more lives
One baby cries one mother grieves
For all the sins you will commit
Youll beg forgiveness and none Ill give
A web of fear shall be your coat
To clothe you in the night
A lucky escape for you young man
But Ill see you damned in endless night
Moonchild hear the mandrake scream
Moonchild open the seventh seal
Moonchild youll be mine soon child
Moonchild take my hand tonight
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