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lyrics "Iron Maiden- Killers "

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Artist express:Iron Maiden
Release year:1981

You walk through the subway, his eyes burn a hole in your back
A footstep behind you, he lunges prepared for attack
Scream for mercy, he laughs as hes watching you bleed
Killer behind you, his blood-lust defies all his needs
My innocent victims are slaughtered with wrath and despise
The mocking religion of hatred that burns in the night
I have no one, Im bound to destroy all this greed
A voice inside me compelling to satisfy me
I can see what a knifes meant to be
And youll never know how I came to foresee, see, see
My faith in believing is stronger than lifelines and ties
With the glimmer of metal my moment is ready to strike
Death call arises, a scream breaks the still of the night
Another tomorrow, remember to walk in the light
I have found you, and now there is no place to run
Excitement shakes me, oh God help me what have I done?
Ooh yeah, Ive done it
You walk through the subway, my eyes burn a hole in your back
A footstep behind you, he lunges prepared for attack
Scream for mercy, he laughs as hes watching you bleed
Killer behind you, my blood-lust defies all my needs
Ooh look out, Im coming for you
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