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lyrics "Iron Maiden - Como Estais Amigos"

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Artist express:Iron Maiden
Album:Virtual XI
Release year:1998

Como esta amigo
For the death of those we don't go
Shall we kneel and say a prayer
They will never know we care
Shall we keep the fires burning
Shall we keep the flames alight
Should we try to remember
What is wrong and what is right
No more tears, no more tears
If we live for a hundred years
Amigos no more tears
And if we do forget them
and the sacrifice they made
Will the wickedness and sadness
come to visit us again
Shall we dance the dance in sunlight
Shall we drink the wine of peace
Shall our tears be of joy
Shall we keep at bay the beast
Inside the scream is silent
Inside it must remain
No victory and no vanquished
Only horror, only pain
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