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lyrics "Inseparable | Tinna Tình (Tinna Seti)"

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Artist express:Tinna Tình
Release year:2017

[Em]..The blood is turning blue
The [C]doors are open, I’m going through
I [D]saw your dancing light
Em[Bm]brace my fear, embrace the night
[Em]My blood is turning blue
The [C]red is gone… I’m ready learn the true
[D]Is it you who’s beating through my chest?
[Bm]Holding back all that loneliness…

[C]Is it you who on my side?
[Em]Killing anger, killing all my pride?
[D]Is it you who makes me strong?
Telling [Am]me what is wrong?

The crystal [C]snow grow up in[D]side me
That [G]tells the truth we’ve never died, we’ve [C]never died
The blood is turning [C]blue… the [D]red is gone
I’m [G]ready see the true… this time I’m [C]going through

May I give you [C]my heart my mind and [D]soul
May I see the sunshine [G]running, dancing in the [C]sky
May we bring the smile to [C]others and make them feel this [D]love
May you be my friend fo[G]rever for the rest of my [C]life.
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