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lyrics "In God's Hands - Keith Urban, Nelly Furtado "

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Artist express:Nelly Furtado
Release year:2006

I looked at your face
I saw that all the love had died
I saw that we had forgotten to take the time
I, I saw that you couldnt care less about what you do
Couldnt care less about the lies
You couldnt find the time to cry
We forgot about love
We forgot about faith
We forgot about trust
We forgot about us
Now our loves floating out the window
Our loves floating out the back door
Our loves floating up in the sky in heaven
Where it began back in Gods hands
You said that you had said all that you had to say
You said baby its the end of the day
And we gave a lot but it wasnt enough
We got so tired that we just gave up
We didnt respect it
We went and neglected it
We didnt deserve it
But I never expected this
Our love floated out the window
Our love floated out the back door
Our love floated up in the sky to heaven
Its part of a plan
Its back in Gods hands
Back in Gods hands
It didnt last
Its a thing of the past
Oh we didnt understand
Just what we had
Oh I want it back
Just what we had
Oh I want it back
Oh just what we had
Songwriters: Julio Reyes / Richard W. Jr. Nowels / Nelly Kim Furtado
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