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lyrics "If You Leave Me Now - Charlie Puth , Boyz II Men "

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Artist express:Charlie Puth
Release year:2018

Verse 1: Charlie Puth
No, this is not goodbye
I swear that Im gonna change
No, baby, please dont cry
It doesnt have to end this way

Pre-Chorus: Charlie Puth
Cause when I think of all the nights Ill be alone
I get terrified
Please dont say goodbye

Chorus: Charlie Puth
Cause girl, if you leave me now
If you give it up and just walk right out
You will take the biggest part of me
And all the things that I believe
Baby, if you leave me now (yeah)

Verse 2: Boyz II Men
When did we lose our way?
My whole world was unravelling
And girls driving me insane
Theres no road for the travelling

Pre-Chorus: Charlie Puth
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