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lyrics "Icarus Interlude - Zayn"

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Artist express:Zayn Malik
Release year:2018

Ooh-ooh (Ooh, ooh, ooh)
Ooh-ooh (Ooh)

Call me Icarus
I guess I flew too close to the sun
Myth, they call me legend, that might be why
In my Yves Saint Laurent
Get the bees comin in for the honey I supply

And if you aint got it now, then youre in for a surprise
You wont get it in a lifetime (Lifetime)
Im in the right place at the right time (Right time)

Girl, you love me better than anyone
Girl, you love me better than Ive known
Girl, you love me better than Ive known before
Better than Ive known before
(Better than Ive known before)

(Aint no stoppin what I know) (Before)
(What I know, aint no)

Aint no stoppin how I feel
Plays on my mind in slo-mo
Every time as if it were real
Every night, oh, its you I feel
Thats who you are in my mind

Ive been lyin to the liars
Ive been lyin
Ive been lyin to the liars
Ive been lyin to the liars
Ive been lyin with the liars
Every night
Cause Im flyin
Ive been lyin to the liars
Lyin to the liars
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