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lyrics "I Know What You Want - Mariah Carey, Busta Rhymes "

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Artist express:Busta Rhymes
Release year:2002

Busta Rhymes speaking
Shorty, I know what you need
I got everything you need
I promise I aint gonna hold out neither
Imma give it all to you baby
Its burnin on, bust it

Hook: Busta Rhymes, Mariah Carey
Baby if you give it to me
Ill give it to you
I know what you want
You know I got it
Baby if you give it to me
Ill give it to you
As long as you want
You know I got it
Baby if you give it to me
Ill give it to you
I know what you want
You know I got it
Baby if you give it to me
Ill give it to you
As long as you want
You know I got it

Verse 1: Spliff Star
We been together for a few years, shared a few tears
Called each other nicknames like Sugar Plum and Poo Bear
Im always on the road, hardly ever home
Always busy this busy that cant talk on the phone
I know you aggrevated, walk around frustrated
Ya patience gettin short, how longer can you tolerate it
Listen ma Im just motivated, I do this for us
Step on the grind tryin to elevate it now

Verse 2: Baby Sham
Hey yo to really be honest
You stuck with me through my whole struggle
Cant even express the words
How much the kid loves ya
Imma stand as a man never above ya
I can tell that you different from most
Slightly approach you
And that ill shit about it
We gon sex every day
But when we sex we tease
In a passionate way
I love the way you touch it
Those little elaborate ways
Got the god feelin released
To relax for the day
Its on you ma


Verse 3: Busta Rhymes
Shh, mami listen
I feel ya love for me baby
And how it move through you
I been longin for the moment
To talk the truth to you
(Listen) Im never home
I always get up and go
Puttin you through the unnecessary rigga-ma-ro
I never meant to put a thousand pounds
Of stress on ya head
I love the way we sleep
And always cuddle in bed
Baby, I stay embracin ya patience
Sheddin ya tears with me
I ask you my mami
Please continue to bear with me

Verse 4: Rah Digga
We started out broke
Constantly on a roll
Cuttin up in the streets like we would never get old
Went from looseys and buses to fifty cent sodas
And Novas to Hondas to Lexus to Rovers
Mad years passed
Still got each other back
Word is bond never screw none of these industry cats (boy)
We like Scull and Mulder
Walkin shoulder to shoulder
Milkin this game watchin our seeds gettin older


Verse 5: Busta Rhymes
Yes you know Ill die for you
And ya know Ill ride with you
I will always try with you
And give ya my love and cry with you

Verser 6: Mariah Carey
I will climb a mountain high
Until I was up to touch the sky
So baby come and get more close to me
This is where your love is supposed to be

Verse 7 : Rampage
I pull up to the house in a yellow Lamborghini
Its been a few months in PA you havent seen me
Ya lookin good in that Gucci bikini
38 carats ya ring lookin freezy
No matter what I do in the world you never leave me
Fall back ma Ill make ya lifestyle easy
I appreciate the things ya do to please me
Lookin at my daughter youll never do me greasy


Busta Rhymes speaking with Mariah ad-libs
Flipmode Records, J Records
Def Jam Records
Busta Rhymes...Mariah
Flipmode Squad, yeah
So beautiful
Ah-ha I knew you was gon give me that high note
Ah-ha-ha yeah
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