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lyrics "HUSKii - suicideboy"

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Artist express:HUSKii
Release year:2019

Another day another test for me
Another hoe know best for me
(F*ck it up)
(F*ck it up)
Another home I don't get to sleep
When's it gonna be a rest for me
Another day another test for me
Another hoe know best for me
(F*ck it up)
(F*ck it up)
Another home I don't get to sleep
When's it gonna be a rest for me
(F*ck it up)
(F*ck it up)
I keep grindin boy I don't sleep
As a kid I had to go creep
Those streets gave me cold feet
Now I throw stones where the roads be
Grow trees
Louis bags
We the ones that come and ruin traps
If you're lookin for the rocks I got em
White boy
Imma overdose and probably drop in vomit
Broken homes
Broken nose go and get the van
Imma run through your house with the whole crew
Suicide boy f*ck a rope dude
Look at my head and you'll see what the roads do
Imma f*ck up again
I keep f*ckin up
Imma f*ck up her head
Imma f*ck it up
Wanna f*ck all her friends
Why'd I f*ck em up
Imma f*ck all her friends
Already f*cked em once
Imma spend all this money on coke
I keep f*ckin b*tches up in they throats
Suicide boy don't even know
Suicide boy don't need a rope
Self-made, miserable
Empty stomach, fist too full
Self hate, pistol pulled
F*ck the friends and the b*tches cool
Imma go f*ck up a meth-lab
Jesse Pinkman with my step dad
201 I rep that, throw it up until my death lad
Get money, westpac
Give it up or you gon get stabbed
Jack's get me that's a setback
Look at me that's where my head's at
Another day another test for me
(F*ck it up)
(F*ck it up)
Another hoe know best for me
(F*ck that)
Another home I don't get to sleep
I keep on f*ckin sh*t up, pouring it up in my cup
Waking up sweating, and hating my life
Suicide boy look at the cuts
Look at these sl*ts, trying to f*ck with my head
I'd be better off dead from the drugs
Head has been f*cked
Everyone around me has been trying to tell me I'm stepping it up
(Di*k heads)
Tripping they ain't seeing sh*t
Imma go lay with my b*tch
Hide in my room eat all these bricks
F*ck paying rent they can come and evict
Doin it since, I was a kid
I ain't changing I kill everything that I kiss
I won't be missed imma go neck at this negative energy
Just never quit, suicide boy look at my wrist
Suicide boy look at my b*tch
I keep on f*cking up people I love
Suicide boy since I was six
I ain't got love for nobody now
Not even the ones that I grew up with
Heart shaped box, Kurt Cobain
Probably stop when this shotty kicks
Another day another test for me
Another hoe know best for me
Another home I don't get to sleep
Whens it gonna be a rest for me?
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