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lyrics "Hot Boys - We On Fire"

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Artist express:H.O.T. Boys
Album:We On Fire
Release year:2009

What kinda nigga that'll go and score
A '98, a '99 off the show room floor?
What? What kinda nigga young, sittin' on chrome?
Got three or four cars ready to get his shine on?
Nigga—what kinda nigga leave ya and give a fuck?
Big nuts and big heart from the start?
What kinda nigga stay shinin' and ride fly?
What kinda nigga be bumpin' in drive-bys?
Look, look—what kinda nigga be burning like a stove?
Worth six figures, hot, walkin' on gold?
What? What kinda niggas kill niggas in black clothes?
Street-smart and play the game how it goes?
Ah, ah, what kinda nigga be driving these hoes crazy?
Claimin' that they pregnant, wanna be his ol' lady
Uh, uh—what kinda nigga be sparklin' like silver?
Lil' bitty soldier thuggin', playing with a million?
Now, what kinda niggas tote chops and ride hot?
Huntin' niggas down up and down they fucking block?
The Hot Boys, the Hot Boys (Them niggas is the—)
Hot Boys, the Hot Boys
The Hot Boys, the Hot Boys (Them niggas is the—)
Hot Boys, the Hot Boys
What kinda nigga don't give a fuck who you is?
Disrespectin' his mind, you jeopardizin' your kids
Yeah, what kinda nigga run with nothing but head-busters?
Riding at night, hitting like a Louisville slugger?
Lil' mama—what kinda nigga sport soldiers and 'bauds?
Pimp niggas—and fuck hoes?
What kinda nigga be duckin' the ATF?
Look, what kinda nigga got clientele in the 'jects?
Well, what kinda nigga play beef like a pro?
Keep enemies close and blaze like an optimo?
Nigga—what kinda niggas be sharp off the top?
Drive Benz and like diamonds that shine?
Ah, ah—what kinda nigga put his name on the blimps?
Whoadie, what kinda nigga make your whole life frightenin'?
Setting it off with 50 shots, strikin' like lightenin'?
Ha—what kinda niggas run through ports with keys?
Getting paid seven days a week making Gs?
The Hot Boys, the Hot Boys (Them niggas is the—)
Hot Boys, the Hot Boys
The Hot Boys, the Hot Boys (Them niggas is the—)
Hot Boys, the Hot Boys
Nigga, what kinda nigga got this shit under control?
What kinda nigga stash his bundle in his 'bauds?
Now, hold up—what kinda nigga got them skanks?
Sayin' he got that fire?
Now—what kinda nigga clip tight with his click?
Paper chasing and smack a piss out a bitch?
Whoadie—what kinda nigga you hear about but don't see?
What kinda nigga go to war like the Middle East?
Say, what kinda nigga make his tramp stay in line
And can bruise your lil' twat at the, uh, same time?
Say, dog—what kinda nigga be thuggin', lettin' 'em sag?
Gettin' loaded, fully loaded of dime bags?
What kinda nigga do crime and serve time?
What kinda nigga ride keys and serve dimes?
Just what kinda nigga be on top?
Lil' girls respect his mind and he too, too hot
Now, now—what kinda niggas be famous living rich?
Tossing hoes, having bitches sucking his dick?
The Hot Boys, the Hot Boys (Them niggas is the—)
Hot Boys, the Hot Boys
The Hot Boys, the Hot Boys (Them niggas is the—)
Hot Boys, the Hot Boys
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