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lyrics "Homi & Jarvis - I'm In Love Again"

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Artist express:Homi
Release year:1983

Feelin free n easy thats all we know
Letting our emotions flow
Take it nice n easy the lights are low
Put your arms around me slow

Close the door, turn the key
They say love makes you blind
Well I dont care if I see
It must be

Im in love again, Im in love again
Im in love again, Im in love again

Well be friends forever I love you so
Surely as the wind does blow
Laying close together by fire glow
I love you thats all I know



Take it nice n easy
Put your arms around me slow
Here together, friends forever
Ooh I love you so

Youre the secret treasure Im lookin for
Never felt like this before
Youre the greatest pleasure that I adore
Stay with me forever more
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