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lyrics "Grace - Don't You Know"

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Artist express:Grace
Release year:1997

[Don't you know]
Yeah yeah yeah,my love is you. My love is you...

I'm in a pickle each day. It's not easy to predict your heart.
Baby, you don't know how i keep noticing all your actions discreetly.
Aye ye ye..

[Pre-chorus]Your sweet smile, yeah, you are my favourite.
Sometimes, you're cold but i never learn and still crazy about you.
No matter what i heard about you, in my mind, you are mine and i'm yours.

[Chorus]Baby i got feelings, don't you know?
Take a look into my heart to find out.
If it's not you, hey..., there's no other.
Don't you know...
Don't you know...
Don't you know...
Don't you know...
I keep hoping that you'll know when the time comes.
My words from my heart, don't you know?

Yeah, i'm trying i'm trying i'm trying but things don't get better ahh .
There's no progress at all.


Baby im hesitating. I don't know if i should move forward or back off.
I wish you'd let me know if you have some feelings on me...too.
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