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lyrics "Gods Plan - Kidd Kidd , Rich The Kid "

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Artist express:Kidd Kidd, Rich the Kid
Release year:2019

This dedicated to the Martin family rest in peace Trayvon
And rest in piece to six year old lil girl that was found stabbed to death in a trash can Ahlittia North in New Orleans

Walking with my hoodie on know that’s him again
Is this a blood bath that we swimming in
Will I get away with murder like Zimmerman ?
Can I get away with murder ?

Verse 1
I see my, my body laid in the street
The murder rate wont decrease
From what I say on this beat
Don’t point yo fingers at me
Like I’m in Obama seat, feel like an Obama speech
I got to go out and speak
Man you cant walk in these shoes that’s much to room for your feet
Blame me say I make it worse
In order to fix these problems must acknowledge them first
We pray to god every night but we too scared of the church
Man, they raping our seeds these mothers scared to give birth
My sister will become a stripper before being a nurse
My niggas become a dealer before doing hard work
An teenagers never home so why they doing homework
Just being born and dying that’s a gift and a curse
See we can run on your grass but we cant play on your turf
When you black you either rap, play sports or flip birds
While they there getting rich we trying to stack our lil change
My people dropping like rain, but will this shit ever change


Verse 2
I look on CNN and Thisis50 see babies dying
Police is killing niggas left and right get on cameras smilin
Know our government lyin
But you know they deny it
So they call it defiant, we make our own baby lion
Cuz’ we see it
We want it then we go out and buy it
If they hit us with a new drug we gon’ go out and try it
First, it was weed and coke and we made that solid
Call it crack
It was ecstasy now we poppin molly
We say what we want but never do nothin bout it
I mean we ain’t event trying we want our life but ain’t fightin
Take the bullet and bite it, my best friend got indicted
My baby needs some diapers
Man the sun never rises
Now, tell me whats a good day
Remind me, cause baby mommas get their welfare and get all excited
Cant you tell that you blinded, cant you tell that your trapped
You get a job its a wrap, cause they gon cut your food stamps


Verse 3
You ain’t better than me because you got a degree
And you ain’t out in these streets
And you escaped poverty
What did you do to give back ?
Nothing, you looked and you laughed
Nod your head say your sad
But wont lend us a hand
See you don’t understand
You ain’t from where we from
You ain’t grew up how we grew
You just gon’ turn on the news
Look at the kids that shot rat
Them youngn’s joining the gangs
And you don’t even look back
You just gon’ call us a shame
Man I’m from New Orleans, We be toting them things
We call it New Warleans we all war’n the same
I trip over bloodstains, cause that’s all that remains
From a young boy slain too caught up in this game
Should have been playing 2K, but he wanna play with a K
Parents they turning away, like everything is ok
But while they there getting rich
We trying to stack our lil change
Man I feel that nigga should be drop his game


Prayers go out to the Martin family..We need justice for Trayvon you heard me
My prayers especially go out to Ahlittia North
That lil girl was six years old man, she aint deserve that shit man, straight up
Niggas wildin out chea man, foreal
Foreal man..just had to speak on that shit man, shit to real out chea man

Kidd Kidd..RidaGang G-Unit, you heard ?..

Guns Down Life Up nigga...
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