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lyrics "Glasses Malone - That Good ft. TyDolla$ign, C Ballin"

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Artist express:Glasses Malone
Release year:2012

Verse 1: Ty$
I got that good dick girl
I already know that I’m the shit girl
And if I fuck with you then you shit too
Girl stop playing, what that shit do
Dolla sign, Pushaz Ink the label, baby
That whole team big, getting paper baby
Presidential Rollies and them red bottoms
Anything cheesy but you know I got it, you know I got it
Where the ladies at?
If you got some good pussy baby say yeah yeah, say yeah yeah
If you taste like water let me hear you holla
In the club with the homies popping all the bottles
Dollar sign!

Bridge: C Ballin
Now we ain’t going to the bar
Girl you fuckin with a star
I like the way you wearing that skirt
Go on let a nigga go to work
Go to work, go to work

Hook x2: C Ballin
Girl I give you that good dick
Girl I give you that good dick
Fuck with me and get some good dick
Girl I give you that good dick
Fuck around, fuck around

Verse 2: Glasses Malone
And I, and I put that on the hood
I’ma give it to you good
I’ma do it like you should
Say that pussy death row, call me Suge
Ha! Run it then beat it up
Once you feel it in your stomach then eat it up
And it ain’t no keeping up
She ain’t hitting high notes I aint deep enough
I go deeper
Million dollar man, this the sleeper
Million dollar dream, you near my Mercedes girl
So when I scoop you baby girl



Verse 3: Glasses Malone
Aye, we can get it in the booth right here
Or we can take it to the coupe
We can do it on the five by the deuce
It’s when I’m in it had lil Mama screaming now woo
Woa, we can get it in the booth
Or we can take you to the coupe
We can do it on the five by the deuce
Go to war on the pussy, better call the troops
That’s the truth, truthfully you never had been
There’s the X’s, why the Z’s like the last letter?
Then I mash like potatoes, I’m a cash getter
Baby blast, never let me down


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