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lyrics "Girl Gone Wild - Madonna "

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Artist express:Madonna
Release year:2012

Oh my God, I am heartly sorry for having offended thee
And I detest all my sins because I drank the loss of heaven
And the pain of hell
But most of all, because I love thee
And I want so badly to be good (good, good, good...)

Verse 1
Its so hypnotic
The way he pulls on me
Its like the force of gravity
Right up under my feet
Its so erotic
This feeling cant be beat
Its coursing through my whole body
Feel the heat

I got that burnin hot desi-i-i-ire
And no one can put out my fi-i-i-ire
Its coming right down through the wi-i-i-ire
Here it comes, when I hear them 808 drums
Its got me singing

Hey, ey, ey, ey
Like a girl gone wild
A good girl gone wild
Im like, hey, ey, ey, ey
Like a girl gone wild
A good girl gone wild
Girls they just wanna have some fun
Get fired up like smokin gun
On the floor til the daylight comes
Girls they just wanna have some fun
A girl gone wild
A good girl gone wild
Im like a girl gone wild
A good girl gone wild

Verse 2
The room is spinning
It must be the tanqueray
Im about to go astray
My inhibitions gone away
I feel like sinning
You got me in the zone
DJ play my favorite song
Turn me on

Pre-Chorus Chorus

I know, I know, I know
I shouldnt act this way
I know, I know, I know
Good girls dont misbehave
But Im a bad girl, anyway
Forgive me
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