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lyrics "GG Allin - I Wanna Fuck Your Brains Out "

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Artist express:GG Allin
Release year:1987

I wanna fuck your brains out
I wanna stick my cock in your mouth
I wanna fuck your brains out
I wanna stick my cock in your mouth
You walk right by with your nose in the air
Shakin your ass in the smokey air
Your skin tight pants really make me hot
Gonna beat my meat another night
You make my tongue so hot and greasy
I wanna fuck you and I dont mean maybe
You put me in a fuckin state
Id like to get your pussy ate
Youre a real hot bitch Im a real cold bastard
You get fucked up and go to the pasture
I show you what Im gonna do
Im gonna stick my meat in you
Drink your piss to see where it came from
I lick your shorts til the crust is gone
Sit on my face and give me some head
Just like a fuckin record said
Your tongue is gettin to me
I wanna fuck you in The Zoo
I wanna get you down on the fuckin ground
I wanna take my tongue and go around
You bring me to a fuckin state
Id like to get your pussy ate
You look me in the eyes I dont care
I want you
Im a real hot bitch Im a real cold bastard
I wanna fuck ya in the cow like the pasture
I wanna stick it in the fuckin ass
Ill f*ck ya in the barn Ill fuck ya in the grass
I just dont give a fuck
Im so down on my fuckin luck
I dont like you but you gimme a blow
I dont care
Cause your hair just smells like cherry
You aint no fuckin Mary
Youre fuckin the Virgin Mary
Oh yeah
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