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lyrics "Future -- How It Was Dir. by Be El Be"

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Artist express:Future, DJ Esco
Album:No Sleep
Genre:Hip hop
Release year:2014

Hit the block and sell drugs
Thats exactly how it was
Take the sprite and take the codeine
And I pour me up a cup
Get the molly, drink of mud
And smoke some bud, thats how it was
Last night we made a movie
Imma tell you how it was
How it was, nigga how it was
How it was, bitch how it was
How it was, nigga how it was
How it was, Imma tell you how it was

Whippin, whippin, whippin
Whippin, whippin, whippin, whippin it
Flippin, flippin, flippin
Flippin, flippin, flippin, flippin it
I was self motivated
I was self driven
I got my determination now
Im really winnin
We could pull up maseratis
I done whipped the benzes
I was handin thousands out when I go shop at lenox
When it come to stackin cash up it aint no limit
I got racks on top of racks and
I aint talking tennis
Its some girls thats gone wild I like to
See them kissing
Its some niggas playing foul and they sneak dissing
I wont let her hold me back to
Complete my mission
It aint easy when you try to make it
Out the trenches

Im the dope man, dope man yes I am
Turned your baby momma house into a drug lab
I was using all the forks,
Using all the pans
She done seen a lot of money touch a
Nigga hands
Saw me microwaving dope, like some leftovers
Drugged in with the green grow a lawn mower
I’m a michael fox, youre just an
Air royal
Im a space cadet, an astronaut,
A rockstar
I was trapped in the trap dodging cop cars
Im on pluto, Im on jupiter, and mars
You aint foreign, its okay I like all broads
Imma hustle everyday so
I dont never starve

Serve it to you cleaner than the
House keeper
Cruisin by the scene with a street sweeper
Pour a half a pint of codeine in a two liter
Scorchin hot flame, all that future
Drive is heaters
I put passion in my lyrics and
Im working in em
Got a dogfood connect dmx nigga
Got a styrofoam cup, and I pour it up
Think Im usain bolt, ran my bands up
Aint no pressure on my money
Cause Im certified
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