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lyrics "Fun.: Some Nights"

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Artist express:Fun
Release year:2012

There are some nights I hold to every note I ever wrote
Some nights, I say, "Fuck it all!" Stare at the calendar
Waiting for catastrophes, imagining theyd scare me
Into changing whatever it is I am changing into
And you have every right to be scared
Cause there are some nights I hold you close, pushing you to hold me
Or begging you to lock me up, never let me see the world
Some nights, I live in horror of people on the radio
Tea parties and Twitter, Ive never been so bitter
And you, why you wanna stay?
Oh my God! Have you listened to me lately?
Lately, Ive been going crazy
And you, why you wanna stay?
Oh my God! Have you listened to me lately?
Lately, Ive been fucking crazy
There are some nights I wait for someone to save us
But I never look inward, try not to look upward
And some nights I pray a sign is gonna come to me
But usually, Im just trying to get some sleep
Some nights!
Songwriters: Jeff Bhasker / Andrew Dost / Jack Antonoff / Nate Ruess
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