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lyrics "Frosty The Snowman - Brenda Lee"

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Artist express:Brenda Lee
Release year:1964

Frosty the snowman was a jolly happy soul
With the corn cup hat and button nose
And two eyes made out of coal

Frosty the snowman is the fairy tale they say
He was made of snow but the children know
How he came to life one day
There must have been some magic
In that old silk hat they found
For when they placed it on his head
He began to dance all around

Oh, frosty the snowman was as alive as he could be
And the children say he could laugh and play
Just the same as you and me

Frosty the snowman knew the sun was hot that day
So he said "Lets run and have some fun before I melt away"
Down to the village with the bloom-stick in his hand
Running here and there all around that square
Saying "Catch me if you can"
He led them down the street of town right to the traffic cop
And he only paused a moment
When he heard him howling "Stop" boy!

Frosty the snowman had to hurry on his way
But he waved good-bye, saying "Please dont cry"
Ill be back again someday

Thumpdy, thump, thump
Thumpdy, thump, thump
Look at Frosty go

Thumpdy, thump, thump
Thumpdy, thump, thump
Over the hills of snow
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