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lyrics "Freya Ridings - Lost Without You"

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Artist express:Freya Ridings
Release year:2017

Standing on the platform
Watching you go
It's like no other pain
I've ever known
To love someone so much
To have no control
You said, "I want to see the world"
And I said, "Go"
But I think I'm lost without you
I just feel crushed without you
I've been strong for so long
That I never thought how much I needed you
I think I'm lost without you
Strangers rushing past
Just trying to get home
But you were the only
Safe haven that I've known
Hits me at full speed
Feel like I can't breathe
And nobody knows
This pain inside me
My world is crumbling
I should never have
Let you go
I think I'm lost without you
I think I'm lost, lost, lost
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh
I think I'm lost without you, you
I just feel crushed without you
'Cause I've been strong for so long
That I never thought how much I love you
Standing on the platform
Watching you go
You said, "I wanna see the world"
And I said, "Go"
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