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lyrics "Fousheé - Deep End"

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Go off the deep end
I don't think you wanna go off the deep end
I don't think you wanna go off the deep end
I don't think you wanna, give me a reason
Great John on the beat by the way
My body different
Shawty said she tryna kick it
I'm in her mouth sumn' like a dentist
Cookin' up, I'm in the kitchen
Big bro wildin', tryna catch a victim
I took a L, but now I'm back gang winnin'
Look, and I'm doin' well
Don't even ask how I'm livin'
Niggas ain't real, they cap
Ridin' round with a seal laid back
They told me to chill, I'm itching to clap
If I pull up somebody get whacked
Boy tie yo laces, niggas tripping
Red lights we gon' skip it
Fucked up, a new V we was dippin'
From the police, I was drillin'
Fuck it, let's skate on
Run up a bag with my bro gods (Bro)
Watch how I show off
Step in the room, and she takin' her clothes off
I ain't even say much, ain't even do much
They like, "Sleepy, you too much"
Know I got a bag, right?
Huh, know I live a fast life?
Said that she fell in love, met her last night
Said she want this shit for life
Girl you must be dumb, no you not the type (What?)
No I'm not the type
I think I was lost in the past life, came back now my cash right
Said you want the sauce, I can get you right
But it's heavyweight, not light
Bro keep the strap sumn' like a dyke
He be shootin', he dont like to fight
Aight, I could get you wrapped up like a gift
Smoked up like a spliff
Choppa tell 'em back up, or get hit
Got my racks up, now I'm lit
I could get you packed up in this bitch
And my blood blue, 'cause I'm crip
Fanny pack, full of hunnids (That's a fact)
I just reached out my waist, see ya runnin' (Fuck outta here)
Bitches say a nigga stuntin, (Stuntin')
Know how they hate that I came up from nothin'
Backed out, get the drum in (Baow, baow)
I'ma show a nigga how I'm comin'
I was down, now I'm up in (Now I'm up)
They was hatin' on me, now they lovin' (Oh wait, hold on)
Go off the deep end
I don't think you wanna go off the deep end
I don't think you wanna go off the deep end
I don't think you wanna, give me a reason
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