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lyrics "Foolio - List Of Dead Opps"

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Artist express:Foolio
Release year:2021

(STG, this ho flame)

Shout out the 6, you know we the littest (6)
You talking 'bout opps, well bitch, I'm the biggest
I got the key, I got the ticket
Let's talk about opps, let's talk 'bout drilling
Let's talk 'bout dead opps, I got a list
Name one by one, they all got blitzed
I need y'all to listen and pay attention
I'm tired of the acting, I'm tired of the gimmicks (No cap)
Uh, 5 got hit in the head, he tried to swim at the pool (No cap, no cap)
Uh, Big Baby got caught in the morning at the bus, was going to school (Savage)
Uh, Quon had died in the suburbs, 'member that shit hit the news (No cap)
Uh, Top got hit in his top, done, hе should've had a tool (Brr, bah)
CoSosa that boy was a fighter, but, he got lit likе a lighter (Like a lighter, damn)
Uh, Rashard died getting food, I heard he pulled up like a diaper (Damn)
Ayy, I heard Lenford was sliding, he died with stripes like a tiger (A tiger)
Ayy, Shawnell got kidnapped, he should've paid like a bible (No cap)
Amp and Big Bando died together, uh, I'm smoking Spazz forever (Uh)
Ackafool died, he a feather
Heard they caught Nate and they stretched him (Ha)
Put that hot shit in Nate's life (Ha)
Lil' Shug died on a bike (Bah)
On Clout, used to be homeboys, but I'm still smoking on Mike (Mike)
Malcom died on 2nd (2nd), they taught his bitch ass a lesson (A lesson)
Ayy, Corbin got kidnapped, how the fuck a grown man go missing? (Damn)
Eldridge died, he was snitching (Damn), either way, he was gon' get it (Damn)
I'm smoking my own cousin, goddamn, I'm higher than Willie (Willie)
Can't forget 23, Quan, and 4 in the backseat
Ayy, Ace only one survived, see, that nigga blessed, if you ask me (If you ask me)
Uh, if he still tryna beef, remember, you lost three (Three)
Ayy, Ralo died with his FN, why the fuck he ain't shoot his heat? (Goofy)
You play, then, you gon' lay
I'm big 23K (No cap)
Busta ass tried to duck and his ass still caught one to the face, ayy (Thrrah)
Bouncing out with that K, ayy (That K)
Rest in peace to Kendre, ayy (Kendre)
Curtis homeboy killed Leeke, he tried to run, and he got faced (Come here)
Meechy ass got chased (Come here) ayy, he tried to just do the race (Ha)
Smoking Prosper and Tay, fuck niggas died on the same day (No cap)
Ayy, roll them both in a J
Ayy, Big [?] got hit with a Drac' (Big [?])
All the new opps go ape, nigga, we be bucking shit, Tampa Bay, ayy
Desi ass tried to run, died in the yard, shoulda had his gun, ayy
Freddy said he smoking Bibby, now his big dumbass in my lungs (My lungs)
Marquis, I'm smoking on Quis, like Rod K, nigga, I'm the one
Booman died at McDonald's in a droptop, now his ass done (Ha)
Ride through the city clutching on Glocks
Uh, let's talk 'bout the dead opps
All these niggas know how we rock (Rock)
Nigga, Quelo got shot (Bah)
Nigga, CP3 got shot (Bah)
Ayy, Greenlight got popped (Bah)
Ayy, the city know how we rock (Rock)
Ayy, 6 Block on top

Ayy, let's talk 'bout the dead opps
Ayy, let's talk 'bout the dead opps
Ayy, where I'm from, niggas got shot
Doing that dissing, niggas got dropped
Ayy, let's talk 'bout the dead opps
Ayy, let's talk 'bout the dead opps, ayy
Ayy, let's talk 'bout the dead opps, nigga
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