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lyrics "First Burn"

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I saved every letter you wrote me
From the moment I saw you
I knew you were mine
You said you were mine
I thought you were mine
Do you know what Angelica said
When I told her what youd done?
She said
"You have married an Icarus
He has flown too close to the sun"
Dont take another step in my direction
I cant be trusted around you
Dont think you can talk your way
Into my arms, into my arms
Im burning the letters you wrote me
You can stand over there if you want
I dont know who you are
I have so much to learn
Im re-reading your letters
And watching them burn (burn)
Im watching them burn (burn)
You published the letters she wrote to you
You told the whole world
How you brought this girl into our bed
In clearing your name, you have ruined our lives
Heaven forbid someone whisper
"Hes part of some scheme"
Your enemy whispers
So you have to scream
I know about whispers
I see how you look at my sister
Im not naive
I have seen women around you
Think I dont see
How they fall for your charms
All your charms
Im erasing myself from the narrative
Let future historians wonder how Eliza reacted
When you broke her heart
You have thrown it all away
Stand back, watch it burn
Just watch it all burn
And when the time comes
Explain to the children
The pain and embarrassment
You put their mother through
When will you learn
That they are your legacy?
We are your legacy
If you thought you were mine (mine, mine)
Nhạc sĩ: Lin-Manuel Miranda
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