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lyrics "Far Away - Scorpions"

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Artist express:Scorpions
Release year:1974

Take your hand and you take my hand
Lets try to learn to fly
Here what I say, here what I say
Dream and close your eyes

Too much hate
Too much hate
So many things are wrong
So many ways, so many ways
Flying through the sky forever
into another time

Yesterday so far away
Many miles together
Were looking for a way

Day by day
So far away
All the world
To do the same

So we go together
Will you show me the way
Time has gone
It has gone

Far away, far away

And today
Ill see a way
Follow me we love you
Just listen, what I say

Forget your name and yesterday
Put out your hand
Ill do the same

Now were going to another land
Will you show me the way
Time has gone
It has gone far away
Far away
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