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lyrics "Faith Marie - trapped in the thought of free "

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Artist express:Faith Marie
Release year:2019

Im so sick of thinking
Too many minutes fleeting
Dont want nothing to do with me
As far as I know Im stuck in between
Time space dimensions beyond reach
So whats the point of negativity
Some days I want a break from myself
But today dont wanna f with no one else
I spent so long
Tryna free myself
Tryna find the hope they speak about
I spent so long
Tryna find myself
That I found myself
Trapped in the thought of free
I wish I believed in
All the things Im reading
Follow like Im wearing sheeps skin
But darling nobodies innocent
Question everything like its a test
Sometimes I wish that my mind would rest
Let me bathe in ignorance
Close my eyes I just wanna breathe again
I look for places I cant go
I want to feel things I cant hold
I want to know things I dont know
Just let me let go now
Just let me let go now
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