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lyrics "Faith Marie - Antidote "

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Artist express:Faith Marie
Release year:2016


Finding refuge in my own lies
How are you Im doing alright
Small talk is a great disguise
Just let me be just let me be
Empty thoughts start to crowd my mind
Am I only living to survive?
Shake it off but Ive lost the drive
Just let me be just let me
Just let me be okay


No one knows what goes on up inside my head
Theres a new kind of poison and its starting to spread
No one knows what goes on up inside my head
They dont think I need help
But Im scaring myself
I just want to be ok (x2)

(2nd Verse)

All the voices in my head come to life
Theyre getting louder and Im terrified
How do you run from your own mind?
Is this what Ive become?
Take it back what have I done


No one knows what goes on up inside my head
There is a new kind of poison and starting to spread
But I didn’t think the antidote was in my hands
I can change my plans I can change my plans
I tried to find my reflection on the glass
But all I ever saw were the things I lacked
All the smudges on the mirror make you go insane
All I ever thought I was
Was a mistake
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