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lyrics "Emma Duncan - Angel (ft. Matthew Bell)"

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Once upon a time there was an angel
She did shine, she did shine, and she didn't shine
Somehow she got herself tangled
In his heart, and in his mind

She laid down her wings and her halo
Fate to the ground, to the ground to the ground
Try as she might she couldn't dim her glow
Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine

With the writing on the walls up in the sky
There are thousands of reasons why
But they tangled her glow like a line
And her heart knew it was time

She picked up her spade and her apron
With a smile, with a smile, with a smile
With every moment, there were taken
Feeling fine, feeling fine, feeling fine

Dear heart, dear soul, dear memories
Please remember me

Made of light, fill the sky, I'm flying free
With the writing on the walls, up in the sky
There are thousands of reasons why

But the tangled of her glow like a line
And her heart knew it was time
Knew it was time
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