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lyrics "EDEN - fomo"

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Artist express:EDEN
Release year:2020

I don't follow us fighting for a lost cause
Feel like you've been drifting, we're just off course
Or is it no good?
What are we just dying for?
What are we lying for, oh, if it's no good? Good
What would you call it? Yeah
I don't mind if I don't end this dying (I don't follow us fighting for lost cause)
If it's worth it you would know
All this stops, all the faking, it's over
No flame can absolve sin
Oh, it's nothing
I'll get sullen, when I get sober
Despite my best, you keep calling
And you got something I don't wanna miss out on
I don't leave you over your stead
Would you call that love?
Love, love, love
You call that love?
Love, love, love
Do you call it love?
Love, love, love
Call it love
Love, love, love
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