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lyrics "Earthquake - Dropgun"

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Artist express:Dropgun
Release year:2018

My flow drops like an earthquake earthquake, earthquake, earthquake,
earthquake, earthquake I make that ass shake, ass shake, ass shake,
ass shake, ass shake, ass shake, ass shake Its time to deveastate,
devastate, deveastate, devastate, deveastate,
devastate Ill male the glass break, glass break, glass break, break,
Drop like an earthquake
break, break, break
Drop like an earthquake My flow harder than a bitch fucking good dope
These hoes hating why these hoes so cut throat One hit wonder bitch,
I make that shit pop He told me to go in, fresh,
I pop that shit My flow shake harder than Alaska quake The one in
1964, it was devastate These bitches wonder who I is,
tell them shake n bake Ricky Bobb, y bitch Im nobody
Shake that ass on the floor, let me see you wobble it
Tell them to burn my shit when you hit that replay girl,
Smokin while Im riding,
Bitch nigga hiding Do these shit like every day,
drop like an earthquake Dj Fresh where Diplo at?
Hey Diplo I see you baby (
Ugh) Itll make the ground shake, ground shake, ground shake,
ground shake, ground shake, ground shake,
grund shake Play my shit hit the replay, replay, replay, replay,
replay, replay, replay It will never hesitate, hesitate, hesitate,
hesitate, hesitate, hesitate, hesitate Itll make the glass break,
glass break, glass break, break, break, break,
break Drop like an earthquake Drop like an earthquake
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