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lyrics "E-40 - You And That Booty "

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Artist express:E-40
Release year:2006

Girl, I been shaking, sticking, and moving tryin to get you and that booty
Tryin to get to you and that booty
Tryin to get to you and that booty
Girl, I been shaking and acting a donkey tryin to get you and that monkey
Tryin to get to you and that monkey
Tryin to get to you and that monkey
Girl, he simpin (Simpin)
I walk up in the club with a limpin (limpin)
God listen, what you gonna do with this pimpin?
What you gonna do with this pimpin?
Girl, Im a call ya (call ya)
Later on tonight or tomorrow (morrow), now follow
What you gonna do with this baller?
What you gonna do with this baller?
What you gonna do when I bend the block (bend the block)?
Pull up on that ass in a brand new drop (brand new drop)?
Speakers on blast with tremendous knock (mendous knock)?
TVs in the dash, rims just wont stop
You need to be down with a pimp like me
I aint turning down nothing but my collar, you see
Im a leave you with my number; you should holler at me
Cause Im a baller; cant nobody hustle harder than me, oh
Oh, your ass is right
I aint tryin to let that pass me tonight
Im a put my bid in and tell you something slick
Whisper in your ear while Im holding my dick
I dont mean no harm, its the hood in me (hood in me)
Sipping on that Renshaw Hennessy (Hennessy)
Psychedelic colors in my jewelry (jewelry)
Suckers hella jealous cause you digging me, oh
Now what you gonna do, mama?
Im tryin to dip later on, me and you, mama
I like the way that you groove and you move, mama
You know the women love me; Im the forty water (forty water)
Popping my Ps cause Im laced with game
Nothin but the Yay flowing through my vein
She wear Miss Sixty, cant fit in the Gucci
Cause her ass big enough to sit a cup on her booty (goodness!)
Yeah, I see you looking (looking)
But my ass in these jeans got you shook, and (shook, and)
I dont think you know what to do with this pussy
What you gonna do with this pussy?
Yeah, I know you want this (want this)
Tryin to chase me through the club for this good shit (good shit)
But I dont think you can handle this pussy
What you gonna do with this pussy?
You looking like you got that good gooshy, gooshy
Fucking round with me, I beat the brakes off that pussy
Have your ass cumming like a porn star movie
Tell your friends, and I bet they all wanna do me
Hos know me, Im E-Fo-Oh (E-Fo-Oh)
They recognize pimping when I step in the door (step in the door)
Higher than a satellite full of that dro (full of that dro)
Holla at a playa when you ready to go, oh
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