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lyrics "E-40 - Sprinkle Me ft. Suga-T "

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Artist express:E-40
Release year:1995

*burrrp, burp*
Yeah, focus pocus, skiggedy-skat
It ain`t nuttin but me
That nigga E-40
Finna sprinkle some of you fools with some of this
This G-A-M-E man some of this game
Understand my sista
Finna sprinkle you fools with sprinkle sista
Understand this doe
It don`t stop til the motherfucking glock pop
Don`t stop and fuck a glock I`m fuckin with a Sig Sauer
P226 Diana Ross cousin nina
Misdemeanor, that`s what we do, understand it
I be more hipper than a hippopotamus
Get off in your head like a neurologist
Pushin more weight than Atlas
Got a partner by the name of 2Pacalypse
The seven-oh-seven my roost go hella fall back to Floyd Terrace
I pull a forty out of my ballcap
And den I flush it down my esopha-garus
The group that I`m with The Click
Shigge-D-Shot, Legit
Family orientated
Game related, it`s the shit
Killing motherfuckers off crucial
Sittin em down mutual
Running through these lyrics as if I was fibered
Like Metamucil
Timah timah.... forty widah.. forty wide
Sprinkle me main, sprinkle me main, sprinkle me main, sprinkle me main
Big timah timah, big timah.... forty widah-ahh
Sprinkle me main, sprinkle me main, sprinkle me main
Kick that shit Suga
Verse Two: Suga T
Here comes the top notch, ooh ooh ooh here I be
Clicked out me Suga T from the V
I`m quick to smob (quick to smob), always down for the job
Ya gotta strut that`s a gang of shot (gang of shot)
Ooh ooh ooh I`m a fool
Slangin more mail as I slides through your hood
Straight shakin all, these bustas and busterettes
Tryin to claim fame off my Chavez rep (Chavez rep)
Ohh, why oh why must I be so tight? (Why oh why)
Most folks tell me, Suga you ain`t right (Why oh why Suga you ain`t right)
It makes me want to scream while I make ya holler
Pullin a gang of clout like that al-mighty dollar
Suga Suga (ahh yeah that`s me) Suga Suga
That`s my sista (you know my name!)
Sprinkle me girl, sprinkle me girl (ahaha)
Sprinkle me girl, sprinkle me girl
Suga Suga (that`s what they call me)
Dat`s my sista (I ain`t right!)
Sprinkle me girl, sprinkle me girl, sprinkle me girl, sprinkle me girl
Nigga PHin on a playa makin mega
Tryin to knock the hustle just because we way too major
(E they try to test your testicles, you know that shit ain`t cool)
Suga don`t make me have to come up out the sound booth
And act a fuckin fool
(All these old hoe-cake ass niggaz, they make me so damn sick)
Playa play her for false and get rubbed off ya don`t want malse
Fuck around and get evaporated
Cause I`ma timah timah.... timah timah
Forty widah... forty wide
Sprinkle me main, sprinkle me main, sprinkle me main, sprinkle me main
Big timah timah... big timah
Forty widah... forty wide
Sprinkle me main, sprinkle me main, sprinkle me main
That`s what we do, beatch!
Understand this shit, understand it
What`s happenin Suga, you in this bitch with me?
(haha thought you heard)
Yeah that`s what we do for the motherfuckin...nine-five
(ha for the nine-five, yeah)
Sick Wid It Records, Jive all the time
(understandin the system main)
It`s Mob City, V-Town, it`s Mob City
It`s Mob City V-Town niggaz
(mobbin through ya hood)
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