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lyrics "Dream ft. PmBata - Roadtrip"

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Artist express:Dream
Release year:2021

Secure the bag, know what I'm sayin'?
Banrisk on the beat
Ayo, Perish, this sh- hot, boy
People change like the tides in the ocean
At least I think or am I dead wrong?
Foot on the brake, at the light I don't notice
I sit and wait until the next song
20 hours in an old van
Up the east coast, through the cold wind
Drove 20 hours by the ocean
Up the east coast, what a road trip
Now that interstate is paved with memories
Of a past life I lived when I was 18
And evеry winter, I think back to what we used to bе
In that past life we lived at 18
Uh, I reminisce about a past life
Things change, I get it, 'cause nothing lasts right?
Yeah, and I was thinking 'bout her last night
Scrolling through our memories, debating 'bout our last times
Ay, for a minute, we was cool
Then we flew just a lil' too close to the sun
Now we finished, now we through
Guess we knew one day we would have to grow up
20 hours in an old Ford
Across the Midwest, thinking, what for?
Drove 20 hours, but it's hopeless
Across the Midwest, what a road trip
Now that interstate is paved with memories
Of a past life I lived when I was 18
And every winter, I think back to what we used to be
In that past life we lived at 18
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