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lyrics "Drake - Shot For me ( Take Care )"

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Artist express:Drake
Album:Take Care
Release year:2011

I can see it in your eyes, you're angry
Regret got shit on what you're feeling now
Mad 'cause he ain't like me
Oh you mad 'cause nobody ever did it like me
All the care I would take, all the love that we made
Now you're trying to find somebody to replace what I gave to you
It's a shame you didn't keep it, Alisha, Catya
I know that you gon' hear this
I'm the man
Yeah I said it
Bitch I'm the man
Don't you forget it
The way you walk, that's me
The way you talk, that's me
The way you've got your hair up, did you forget that's me?
And the voice in the speaker right now, that's me, that's me
And the voice in your ear, that's me
Can't you see that I made it? Yeah I made it
First I made you who you are, then I made it
And you're wasted with your ladies
Yeah I'm the reason why you always getting faded
Take a shot for me (hooooooo-ooooooh)
Take a shot for me (hooooooo-ooooooh)
Take a shot for me (aha-aha-aha-aha-aha-aha)
A shot for me (aha-aha-aha-aha-aha-aha)
a shot for me
Okay look, I'm honest
Girl I can't lie, I miss you
You and the music were the only things that I commit to
I never cheated, for the record, back when I was with you
But you believe in everything but me girl, I don't get you
She says I know you changed, I never see you
'Cause you're always busy doing things
I really wish she had a different way of viewing things
I think the city that we're from just kinda ruined things
It's such a small place, not much to do but talk and listen
The men are jealous and the women all in competition
And now your friends telling you stories that you often misinterpret
And taint all your images of "Mr. Perfect"
I could tell that you been crying all night, drinking all summer
Praying for your happiness, hope that you recover, ah
This is one I know you hated when you heard it
And it's worse because you know that I deserve it
Take a shot for me (hooooooo-ooooooh)
Take a shot for me (hooooooo-ooooooh)
Take a shot for me (aha-aha-aha-aha-aha-aha)
A shot for me (aha-aha-aha-aha-aha-aha)
A shot for me
May your neighbors respect you
Trouble neglect you, angels protect you
And heaven accept you
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