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lyrics "Dragonforce - My Spirit Will Go On "

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Artist express:Dragonforce
Release year:2004

Life is a misery, dont know how its come to be
Death, the epitome of all of our days
In the past we had no choice to hear or to be the voice
Close your eyes and visualize the demon to arise
You know that sanity is not as it was meant to be
And now that misery has taken a new stand
In the land of a thousand souls we will carry on through the rain
In the sun we will move along with the memories of the slain
When I see this humanity and the evil that they have come to be
Weve come to the point of no return and you beg for just...
One more time to escape from all this madness
One more time to be set free from all this sadness
And one last time to be the one who understands
My soul and my spirit will go on, for all of eternity
Foreign the currency, your payment in blood to be
Death is the destiny for all of our ways
In the dark you hide away for who or what you cant say
When I see the power of the demon come alive
You know that sanity is not as it was meant to be
And now that misery has taken a new stand
On the wings of eagles flying staring on to the sun
Reaching for the gold horizon when the war shall be won
Can you see the debauchery and the blade of death that has come for thee
In winds of torment forever more you will cry for just...
One more time to escape from all this madness...
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