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lyrics "Don’t Cry - Lil Wayne , Xxxtentacion"

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Artist express:Lil Wayne
Release year:2018

Yeah, C5
Dont cry, don’t go
Wont lie, I fuckin love you, whoa
Why yall staring into the clouds
Am I rising or they comin down?
I see death around the corner
And the U-turn signs lookin like a smile
What do I do now? Who gon find me, how?
Nowhere to turn but around and round
Just another nigga who done lost his head
No, a fucking king that forgot his crown
I am not number one, its true
Im number 9-27-82
Color blind, even if I may be blue
A lot on my plate, aint my favorite food
But I’m hungry, so hungry
Need my family tree next to a money tree
With a bunch of leaves in the Garden of Eden
With a bunch of Eves, no fruit punch for me
I sip from the fountain of youth
So if I die young, blame the juice
Bury me in New Orleans
Tombstone reads "Don’t cry, stay tuned"
Bring me back to life
Got to lose a life just to have a life
But if heavens as good as advertised
I want a triple extension on my motherfuckin’ afterlife
Rest in paradise
Don’t cry (dont cry, dont cry), dont go (why, oh why?)
Won’t lie, I fuckin love you
Dont cry (dont cry, dont cry, dont cry)
Dont go (why, oh why, oh why, oh why?)
Wont lie (dont cry, dont cry)
I fuckin love you (dont cry, dont cry)
Talent is god-given, be grateful
Fame is not a given, be humble and
Conceit is self-driven, drive carefully
Stay in your own lane, seat buckled
And sometimes when there is no music
We toot our own horns, rum-bum-bum-bum
That woman carried the future
And Tunechi was born like "dun-dun-dun-dun"
Dont call it a comeback
It was dark, now the sun back
Hit me hard, but I punched back
The wheels fell off, I rode the hubcap
Its suicide or its do or die
Its newer days and its bluer skies
I told myself "Its just you and I"
Then the breeze came and it blew my mind
Lord knows who Im there for
Ill give my last breath of air for
Mama tell me to be careful
Voice in my head give me an earful
But I got mind control over my control
I lost control but knew Id find control
I let God control what I cannot control
Cant control the tears, let them drop and roll
Dont cry (dont cry, dont cry)
Dont go (why, oh why, oh why?)
Wont lie (dont cry), I fuckin love you
(Triple extension on my motherfuckin afterlife, rest in paradise)
Dont cry (dont cry, dont cry)
Dont go (why, oh why, oh why?)
Wont lie, I fuckin love you (dont cry)
Dont cry, stay tuned
And triple extension on my motherfuckin afterlife
Rest in paradise
Dont Cry lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc
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