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lyrics "Doja Cat - So High"

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Artist express:Doja Cat
Release year:2014

Blow Weed Coke pop X
Speeding up the heartbeat
Banging in my chest
When you put it on me
You relieve my stress
You got me so high
Takin' deep, deep breaths
You get me so high
You get me so high
I know you ain't a drug
But you get me so high
You get me so high
You get me so high
You get me so high
You get me so high, high
You got me so turnt up
This dude gotta be so high
Weed always on my mind
No, he always on my mind
Know you want some of this purr
You ain't gotta say a word
Just spark that let's get burnt
Then we'll roll up
A hunnit fuckin' blunts
All up in my mouth
Now I'm all up in yo...
This nigga got pounds of it
All up in his trunk
Now we both look Asian
He waving and I'm drunk
I got dank shit in my cup
You know what Imma do you
I can get real used to you
Blow Weed X and we sipping on that juice (juice)
That's just what we choose to do
Man, this shit these drugs would do to you
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