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lyrics "DMX feat. Rakim - Don't Call Me"

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Artist express:DMX, Rakim
Release year:2013

Verse 1: Rakim
I idolized my father
He taught me to survive the horror
Cause times is harder, the skies is darker
Look through the eyes of a snake, see inside the monster
To rise need divide and conquer
If its all about money I dont respect your power, thats weak
They deprive and devour, they cowards if you ask me
Powers that be mistreat us, mislead us
Thinking eventually we gone bite the hand that feed us
We son em and try to keep all other from em
Novus ordo seclorum, E pluribus unum
New order of the ages, out of many: one
While the rest of us is conned out of pennies: none
Im starving, its problems if we aint fed quickly
My breads use to be the ones taking heads with me
Jealousy, hate, lust and greed is spread quickly
Dont call me brother if you aint breaking bread with me

Hook: Shontelle
Dont call me mother
Dont call me sister
Dont call me brother
Dont call me father

Verse 2: DMX
Dont call me brother, we aint got the same mother
Or the same father you get down like the other
Dont speak on wisdom when you know you dont love her
Dont shake my hand when you wanna see me under
Dont talk slick behind my back
Dont walk like this when you act like that
What you trying to bark for when you let you a cat
Come to your hood like brrap, brrap, brrap
Mess with the kid if you want to
Cause your mans and them to tell you
Itll be the last thing that you going through
You built like a scooter, Im built like a Hummer
I was built like a tank; you dont want it, baby, nuh-uh
Stop playing with things thatll get you hurt
You a girl, you cant play in the dirt, you got a skirt
You dont know a damn thing about putting in the work
With your whole effing block something murked like irk

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