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lyrics "Dethklok - I Ejaculate Fire"

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Artist express:Dethklok
Release year:2012

I ejaculate fire!
A venomous fluid, cantankerous druid
It kills when I breed, with my deth seed
CHECKMATE, the world dies when I procreate
A bloody mess, bubbles with heat
Fear the splattering acidic de-mattering
IT BURNS! Im fried to my loins.
I perpetuate bile
A build up congestion
Epididymal retention
My semen is flames
Flagellum is pain
Fuck Fate
Earths crushed from atomic weight
With a hardened thrust
Deep in the core
A seismic tunneling
A rhythmic pummeling
The molten rock
A rancid genetic
Cannon Fire!
Murdering, knew, nothing, OUTCAST!
Choke on gas, kill my sperm!
Fate wont lead fast enough
Come coagulating blackness
When can I re-decorate
Save for me the glorious DETHTHREATS!
Gasoline pumps through my heart
Poison coursing somewhere
Down in that place
I feel the anger pulse again
Its been building!
Its been building!
Found my mission!
Death ambition!
Short edition!
New tradition!
Fucking fear is contagious!
Go spread my flames so fellatious!
Fucking fear is contagious!
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