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lyrics "Dethalbum-Murmaider "

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Artist express:Dethklok
Release year:2007

There are no fingerprints
Deep under water
Nothing to tie one to a crime
And if you seek vengeance
All you need are instruments of pain
You need your
Knives? check.
Rope? check.
Dagger? check.
Chains? check.
Locks? check.
Laser beams? check.
Acid? check.
Body bag? check.
Murmaider Repeat: x 16
But beware
For when you quench your blood thirst
Others will seek their vengeance on you
And they wont rest
Until youre dead
Theyll have their:
Shiv? check.
Pipe? check.
Hammer? check.
Axe? check.
Subject? check.
Location? check.
Desire? check.
Vengeance? check.
Hold your breath, swim and strain
The smell of death, cant escape
Blood will could and drift away
Attract the murders of murmaids
Its so cold they all know
What youve done, you cant run
Vengeance is the law for thee
A thousand leagues below the sea
Youve been tracked, youve been seen
Murdering the next kin
Ate their hearts drank their blood
Washed your fins in blackened mud
Now you swim try to hide
Heart beats faster from inside
Thought it was a big charade
Your life was ended by murmaids.
Murmaider Repeat: x 16
Swords? check.
Saws? check.
Clubs? check.
Claws? check.
Hatred? check.
Anger? check.
Mermaid? check.
Murder? check.
Murder! murder! murmaid murder!
Your life was ended by mermaids.
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