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lyrics "Delinquent Habits - Tres Delinquentes"

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Artist express:Delinquent Habits
Release year:1996

[Verse 1: Ives Irie]
I flex my brazos hardcore down for the clicka'
Who's that eminating funk through the speaka'
Bass gets to thumpin' rucas get to pumpin'
Who's that rockin' got the party start jumpin'
Blastin' through hah no need for the booyaa
Right hammer with the one knuckle eye-shot through ya
Step to the crowd, I feel the strain'
Throw chingazos in the mosh pit, feel the pain
So don't get in my way baby
Because the Guero loco came in here to play baby
My shit will pump up this jam hot damn it's the baddest
Tres Delinquentes step into the madness

Get funky, get funky, get funky
Get funky, get funky, get funky

[Verse 2: Kemo The Blaxican]
¿Qué ondas, muchacho? Ahí vienes, te miro
Si me traes bronca me a loco de a tiro
Me paro, te tumbo, no es tu rumbo
Y con el lingo, tal vez te confundo
Oh shit, it's the attack of the five foot ten
The Blaxican once again with the cocked hair pin
As I emerge from the depths of the realm my son
I got the black gat fat track coke and rum
Otra vez ya lo vez and the crew somos tres
One Blaxican on the squad you don't test
Hittin' hard like an Aztec, swift like a Zulu
That's what it's like with a palm shot through you
My mannerism mild still the punks get piled
My number one assassin flips the mad funk styles
Me I play the back role but I'm delinquente
This is how I freak it when I'm speaking to the gente

Get funky, get funky, get funky
Get funky, get funky, get funky

[Verse 3: Kemo]
Whatcha trucha, calmate escucha
Somos delinquentes tu no quieres lucha
But we freak it this way seguí sendo rey
O.G. freaks the beat the mariachis play

[Verse 4: Ives]
Fade it in with snare from ASR-10
Producer mas mejor it's O.G. Style again
Freak it, bump it, bass out the carro
O.G. he's got more BOOM BOOM than Charo
Third of tres brings cuts to your face bro
Hold down the needle with a penny or a peso
See all our style used to create
With one turntable and a broken 808

Get funky, get funky, get funky
Get funky, get funky, get funky
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